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Cooling the Carolinas | Climate Control Systems of the Carolinas - ABOUT US

Randy Rutkai of Climate Control Systems of the Carolinas found a real need for the greater Charlotte, NC area and Charleston, SC area when it comes to comfortable outdoor living. In the South, the summers get quite hot and humid, basically rendering outdoor living spaces unusable, and unbearable! An outdoor misting system from Climate Control Systems allows you to enjoy your outdoor investment during the hot seasonal months - when you may not normally use these areas due to the uncomfortable heat.

Climate Control Systems will provide much more than just cooler, cleaner air in your outdoor environment. This technology also minimizes insects, odors, pollen and dust. Our misting systems use the process of evaporative cooling, also known as thermal dynamics. The misting nozzles create the finest cool mist which flash evaporates and creates a chilling breeze.

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Misting systems can also be adapted to boats, RVs and other open air vehicles. Want to find out more? Call 704.799.5223 or email info@coolingthecarolinas.com.
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outdoor misting systemsoutdoor misting systems
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